I didn’t know what had got into my little champion lately. Last night was the second instance she had woken me to go monster hunting in the middle of the night. Yes, you heard me; we were going to hunt a monster that was hiding under her bed.

Two nights ago, when the monster was first reported, I was just beginning to doze off when I heard cluttering in her room. Seconds later she was in my room, her heart pounding and almost out of breath. She was clearly terrified out of her toddler wits.

Monsters In The Bedroom

What’s wrong honey?‘ I asked pulling my daughter and hugging her tightly. Well, that’s when the tears came. Amidst the sobs and crying, she told me that there was a monster flying around in her room. I soothed and calmed her down.

Monsters in the bedroom
When she was finally calm, I gently took her in my arms and declared that we are officially monster hunters. Off we went on this heroic journey to catch the monster flying around in her room. We searched everywhere and despite her insistence that it was hiding under her bed we did not find the terrible monsters in the bedroom.

Maybe he flew out‘ said my baby as she finally dozed off, and that was it. I was convinced that this monster business was behind us, but here she was the next night standing in front of me in complete horror.

And so for the second night running we were once again on an epic quest to hunt a monster. When we got to her room, my daughter told me that she had already trapped the terrible beast. She was pointing towards a napkin under her bed. I picked the napkin and underneath it, was the largest moth I had ever seen!

It turns out that my daughter had never seen a moth and given that this was particularly a huge moth she thought it has to be a monster. She had valiantly hunted and trapped it, in complete darkness mark you, and I couldn’t be prouder of my little hero. Well, before the next monster in the bedroom episode, I should also teach her about insects!

The lesson here: you should listen to your little ones when they say there are monsters in the bedroom!

What is your little one afraid of?

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